Mental Health During a Pandemic


Well, let’s start off with what mental health is. Mental health is the way your mind or your headspace is. The scientific definition is a person’s condition with regard to their psychological or emotional well being. During this sort of pandemic, especially since we as kids and teens and such have never been through one, the mental consequences may seem worse than what we tell people. Sometimes it does stress you out with all the work and home life and even your own personal things. Nobody can say what your whole life is like and neither can I. I just know from experience that sometimes it gets overwhelming with everything going on; maybe you want or need a break. 

You might see a decrease in your grades due to stress or just your mental state. Yes, It is good to have priorities and worry about school work. But sometimes you need a day to yourself and that’s okay to do that. We all need time to ourselves. Maybe start by giving yourself a self care day. It doesn’t have to be anything big or that will cost you a lot of money. Maybe just a nice long shower or bath, or even just a nap for some extra sleep. Sleep can help soothe the mind because your mind is at rest dreaming. 

Maybe if you don’t sleep you could go somewhere quiet or do something you enjoy such as: listen to music, draw, or even read. Sometimes it’s okay just to let it out to a friend or a trusted family member, and that’s okay. 

We’re kids and it’s okay to be stressed. Sometimes we just need those days, especially after a stressful day or even a stressful test. School does get harder due to being on your own and not having the help that you need. But sometimes you need to stop and just relax. Just breathe, and when you feel it’s not worth it, look back at what you’ve done and what you’ve achieved and keep pushing. It’s okay to fall back or stop and pause; you don’t always need to move forward. Remember your well-being should come first before everybody else. 

“You’re made to be real, not perfect.”

-Min Yoon Gi