My Brother’s Keeper Program Offers Students Numerous Opportunities


I’m sure many students have heard announcements about “MBK,” but do you know what MBK stands for? MBK stands for My Brother’s Keeper, a mentoring program at PHS. MBK helps you enter the real world by developing people skills, decision making skills and public speaking skills. In this program, students go on field trips to visit schools such as Manhattanville College, where we listen to speakers share their experiences and methods for dealing with different situations.

The MBK program is great to put on your college resume because this program impacts your high school experience. What you gain from the program helps with community service, which is important for your resume. It also helps you out with school, as you become active inside and outside of PHS.

This program is very important for our school, and we need it for many reasons. One important advantage of the MBK program is giving students the chance to visit colleges they never thought they would see. After polishing thier skills through the MBK program, students can become MBK ambassadors, which gives them the responsibilities of being leaders in our school. MBK ambassadors are known for their good character and exemplifying responsibility in their everyday lives.

Undoubtedly, the MBK program offers a wealth of benefits to our community. Members volunteer around town and practice putting the needs of others ahead of our own. To keep track of our work, we meet with our mentors and review progress reports and report cards every making period.

Overall, it’s great to join the MBK program as a benefit for yourself and others. Through it, you’re able to help other people, which makes you a constructive and essential part of the community. The program is a nation-wide program; therefore, MBK ambassadors come not only from the tri-state area, but from other school districts nationwide. Change your life and do good for your community by helping out others in the MBK Program.