Not Your Traditional Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is just days away, and aren’t I just so happy to be spending this Valentine’s Day single, while there are eighth graders receiving flowers and hugs from their significant others!

If you are somebody like me who is dreading the thought of Friday because you know it’s going to be a memory of how lonely you are, try and change up your thought of Valentine’s Day from depressing to downright amazing. 

This Valentine’s Day, instead of sitting on my couch alone stuffing my face with ice cream and singing along to, “Gotta Go my Own Way” by: Gabriella Montez and Troy Bolton from High School Musical, my friends and I  are going to break the status quo for single boys and girls on this holiday. This is how we celebrate…

First, we start by writing our names down on paper and putting them in a hat. Next, we pick out one name from the hat – that’s the person we must buy a gift for (five dollars or less).Then, all of us meet at the Westchester Diner in Peekskill to exchange our gifts, order milkshakes and food, and talk about the amazing parts of our lives… and some of the not-so-amazing stuff too. 

I know being single isn’t always ideal for many people, but instead of focusing on that, this year you can focus on your amazing friends and family who deserve your appreciation more than anyone else. Get your parents flowers, hug your friends, and spend Valentine’s Day being positive!