It’s Foreign Language Week 2015!

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It’s Foreign Language Week 2015!

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Foreign Language week 2015 began this past Monday with flags of the world raised high into the sky in the Foreign Language wing of Peekskill High School.

This weeks events are as follows:

Monday: The Chorus (a French film) will be shown in the auditorium at 2:45

Tuesday: The Children of Heaven (an Iranian film) will be shown in the auditorium at 2:45

Thursday: An International Food Festival will occur in the cafeteria beginning at 2:45.  Please make an international dish to the festival including a sign identifying the dish is and the ingredients.  (Only students who bring a dish will be allowed in the cafeteria).

Friday: “Learning to dance” in the Cafeteria beginning at 2:15

In addition, each day the Pledge of Allegiance will be conducted in English and each of these languages:

Monday: Spanish

Tuesday: French

Wednesday: Albanian

Thursday: Cantonese

Friday: Portuguese




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