¡Es la Semana Nacional de Idiomas Extranjeras!


The Foreign Language Department here at PHS is conducting their 9th  annual National Foreign Language Week Bash!

The week-long event includes the Flags Around the World decorated hallway, foreign films on Tuesday and Wednesday, a food festival, a dance workshop, readings and writings in other languages, poems written by students and reports by students on countries around the world!

The current schedule of events for the week are as follows:

  • Tuesday:  Movie presentation  “Bride and Prejudice”  2:45 in the auditorium
  • Wednesday: Movie presentation  “Life is Beautiful” 2:45 in the auditorium

  • Thursday: Food Festival with dishes from around the world  2:45 in the cafeteria (all students are welcome)

  • Friday: Dance Workshop in the cafeteria 2:45

All of us at the PHS Mercury would like to thank Ms. Michel, Ms. Veloz, Ms. Hall & Ms. Santos for their extremely hard work and dedication in putting on this fabulous event every year.  It is truly appreciated!