Peekskill Takes Home the GOLD!!!


The Annual Business Skills Olympics, hosted by the African American Men of Westchester (AAMW), was held last week, Friday November 15th. High School teams from all over Westchester were in attendance, representing the best and brightest of their schools.

The Peekskill team of high achieving Juniors and Seniors included: Afua Yeboah (Senior), Isaah Claxton (Senior), Jacqueline Machizaca (Senior), Andy Martinez (Senior), Kylea Mulligan (Senior), and Emmett Warmbrand (Junior). There were three Sophomores in attendance as well. These were: Ariel Ortiz (Sophomore), Chris Garzon (Sophomore), and myself. Our two faculty advisers are Assistant Principal Kent Picou, and Social Studies Department Chair, Sharon Cummings.

We shuttled out early Friday morning, and once we arrived, the team immediately set to work. The topic — a real life business scenario — was Twitter’s IPO (Initial Public Offering). Each team was required to assess Twitter’s case, and provide insight into ways to benefit Twitter, or utilize Twitter’s model to support other companies. The team worked with a business coach and an employee of the Morgan Stanley Company, where the competition was held. With some help from the coach, but most effort on part of the students, the team created a presentation and ultimately showcased their plan for Twitter to the judges, and other teams.

Finally, once all the teams had presented, there were a few words before the big announcement: “And, in first place, the winner is… Peekskill!”

The winner of the 2013 Business Skills Olympics was indeed, the Peekskill High School team. This is the first time a Peekskill team has won the Business Olympics in all of the years the school has participated. There were a total of eighteen high schools attending the competition; seventeen competitors in which the Peekskill team had to beat in order to claim a victory.

There will be a celebratory dinner for the winners and their families, as well as medals for the Juniors and Seniors.  In addition, each winning student received their own Kindle Fire. And for Peekskill High School, a gold cup for our trophy case, to honor our exceptional team and their amazing achievement.

Congratulations Peekskill High School, WE WON!!!