Riverdale Summary (Season 1 Recap)

Riverdale Summary (Season 1 Recap)

People who know me may groan when reading this because if someone mentions any TV show, I always bring up Riverdale. I have been watching this show for two years now.  Riverdale is about a group of five kids that include Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper, Archie Andrews, Veronica Lodge and Cheryl Blossom. It focuses on their adventures through high school until a murder case opens up:  The death of Jason Blossom (Cheryl’s brother), who died by drowning. Spoiler alert! This is a synopsis of the season.

The five friends create theories about the murder, and little by little, they start to become part of the case.  Weeks after the police have been searching for Jason’s body, it is found near the local river with a bullet in the head. Betty’s sister Polly was pregnant with Jason’s child and is sent to The Sisters Of Quiet Mercy (a Catholic home for troubled youth). Betty finds this out and goes to the Sisters where she can talk with Polly.

After Polly finds out that Jason died, she escapes the home. Meanwhile, Betty and Jughead find an abandoned car that Polly mentioned. They investigate the car and find Jason’s varsity jacket, drugs,and a lot of money. Polly also mentions that she and Jason  were supposed to run away to sell the drugs. They accuse people of Jason Blossom’s death.

Later, they are at a dead end and can’t figure anything out. They make Archie try on Jason’s varsity jacket and the lining of the jacket contains a USB. The group later wants to see what is on the USB drive, so they plug it onto a laptop and a video pops up. They proceed to watch the video and it cuts to Jason Blossom getting shot in the head by his father.

They report this to the police and the police barge into the Blossom home. They  find out that the reason Jason was killed was because he didn’t want to deal drugs like his father did and he threatened to call the police on him and tell on him.   

Does this sound like something you might enjoy watching? You can watch Riverdale every Wednesday from 8-9PM on Channel 11.