Working from Home: Pandemic Struggles


We get up in the morning and attend online classes. Doing the same thing every day for eight hours straight. Then having to do homework on top of everything else. Staring at a computer screen and trying to learn from our teachers can be a challenge to many students like myself. It’s a challenge to stay motivated and to turn in assignments on time. We all know this:  It’s hard to engage in online classes, particularly when you’re unmotivated. Work tends to pile up if you don’t fully understand what teachers taught you during the day. Bottom line, it’s difficult to juggle all of your classes while learning online. Not to mention if you have other siblings at home, they can distract you from paying attention in your classes. 

Online school is very stressful, exhausting, and upsetting when students try their best to pay attention in their classes, try to complete assignments on time and try to understand the material of what teachers are teaching us. Meanwhile, we are still coming together to cope with these hard times during the pandemic and are still using technology to our advantage. People have their own point of view on technology–some may think we are using it too much, some may think we need it less, and some people don’t have as much technology as others. But we still are using technology to connect with our family and friends one way or another and to learn from our teachers. 

In my opinion, technology has taken over our lives a bit, and we need a break from it. We need to get outside again and have human interactions with our friends and family without having to stay 6 feet apart or having to wear a mask. This pandemic needs to be over quickly so teenagers like me can have a normal life again.