Having a Successful School Year

Having a successful school year essentially takes two things– 100% Commitment and Good Habits. When you are committed, you see achieving in school as your number one priority. With this view, dissatisfaction with certain  teachers or school policies, relationship difficulties, drama with friends, family squabbles , and even tiredness and illness take a back seat to the goal of  being the best student you can be. But, being committed isn’t enough. Talking the talk is important, but you have to walk the walk also. This is where good habits come in. Coming to school everyday keeps you from having to play ” catch up” for the things you may have missed. Getting to class on time and not texting during class  shows your teacher that you care. Participating in class engages your brain ( and believe it or not , it also makes class less boring). Doing classwork and homework is the key to good grades because as everyone knows, ” Zeros suck  your grades down the drain.” You need to study for tests, and  keeping track of your class average helps you to see when and where  you have to work harder.

While everyone probably knows most of this, the time to act is now. Stay motivated. Stay on track. If you see yourself slipping–Get help– Find a friend , teacher, or guidance counselor who will coach you  into getting back with the program. As they say, everyone starts off with a grade of 100. Try to give 100% this year.