Arkansas To New York; A Big Change


Have you ever imagined yourself moving halfway across the United States? Well, that’s exactly what I did last summer. Me, a fourteen-year-old country girl who has lived in the south most of her life, was moved to one of the most urban places in the United States. Yeah, might sound hard to believe, but it’s true.

My grandfather who is a contractor at Indian Point got a big job opportunity, and my grandmother didn’t want to be separated from him for another year. So, here I am living in Peekskill, a town that seems more like a city to me. I’m trying my best to fit in and adapt to the monumental changes that I’ve been through in the last few months. So if you ask me about a song or an artist or a game or something, and I look at you like you’re crazy, just remember you’re talking to a southern girl far out of her comfort zone.