What To Do If You Get Bored on Break


The holidays seemed to have come and gone, but the two weeks off from school was much needed for teachers and students. From September to December, students can get antsy in their seats. At that time it can seem like talking in classrooms becomes more excessive than ever, and the excitement about the upcoming break seems to be the main discussion amongst friends.
Without a doubt, we were all ready for the long holiday break, but being off for two full weeks – that’s 14 days – it can make you go a little crazy with so much time available. Luckily there is so much to do close to our hometown that can put any extra time you might have on your hands to good use.

If you’re in the mood for some delicious treats and possibly a day to catch up on some homework, spend some time at the Peekskill Coffee House on 101 Division Street. When you walk in the door, you immediately feel that soothing vibe. There are small rectangular tables and chairs where you can section off in small groups. You can always smell fresh waffles being made, and of course, the smell of the coffee never gets old.

If that seems like something that would make you poke your eyeballs out, consider going down to Spins On Hudson on 5 John Walsh Boulevard. Spins is a great place to play a bunch of exciting arcade games and even enjoy some laser tag on a two-leveled section. There’s also a rock-climbing wall and aerial rope courses to keep you entertained with physical activities.
The Hudson River is one of Peekskill’s finest outdoor attractions. If you’re in the mood for a walk with your friends, family, or furry friend, grab a hot chocolate at the Homestyle Bakery or whatever you like and take a stroll down to the Hudson River.
It’s best that you try to stay busy and active in between your school responsibilities, that way, when you come back to school you don’t feel as stressed. I hope you enjoyed your break, and had a happy holiday!