Peekskill HS Wins Business Olympics for Second Year in a Row


On April 10, Peekskill High School students in the PHS Academic Competition Club won first place in the Westchester Business Olympics, hosted by the African American Men of Westchester and Morgan Stanley.

Peekskill students outperformed 14 other schools who participated in this year’s competition. This marks two consecutive years that the team has come in first place, and three times in the past six years (2013, 2018 and 2019) that they have achieved top honors.

In the coming weeks, the top three teams will be recognized at a special awards ceremony dinner. As the first place winner, Peekskill students will receive gold medals and laptops. Peekskill High School will also receive a trophy in recognition of their students’ accomplishments.

The high school acknowledged PHS teacher Ms. Zorelle Rodriguez-Alcazar for her leadership in helping to bring the team to victory. The following students participated in the competition:
Aaryana Garzón, Julia Roach, Grace Chen, Josephine Holman, Theresa Calabrese, Kimberlyn Lopez Herrera, Enoc Guartambel and Jarrett Lloyd.

Congratulations to all!