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School’s back in session

So grab your binder and pen

It’s back to wakin up at 6:30 all over again.

Tryin to see if you can wake up

To walk to school with your friend

So you can get there  before 8:11 when the first period begins.

You walk into class, thankin God you’re on time

Now tryin to stay focused, knowing it’s the last thing on your mind.

Everyone heard about the new kid in town

Tryin to check them, tryin to see what they’re about.

Everyone’s really waitin for Spirit Day

but it’s only the first day, so it seems far away.

That’s when school spirit really counts

Your chance to show what class and school spirit is really about.

Freshmen barely know what to do

Sophomores kinda got a clue

Juniors know what to do

but then Seniors

say we got this, we’re never goin to lose.

The new principal, on top of her game

Ms. Lazarus is her name

She’s trying her best as far as I can see

Tryin to make PHS, the best place to  be.

PHS is the school

that rocks Crimson and Blue

Where all the Red Devils know what to do.

From 8:08 to 2:45 is the time

when school should be the only thing on our mind.

So after four years you can yell,

” Free at Last”

and walk the graduation line wth your class.

Summer vacation was fun

but now it’s the time to put all those memories to rest

See you next year, though

Now it’s time to put my best effort

into PHS!

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