The Fascination of Football

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon when the two teams met in the middle of the field. Peekskill was wearing red jerseys; Tapan Zee was wearing white jerseys with grey helmets.The field was covered with lines and numbers. The two teams met on the 50-yard line head to head. On the bleachers, the fans screamed and cheered for their teams. A man in white and black stripes put the ball down, and the game began. 

Kickoff signaled the start of the game. Peekskill was on defense first, but the other team still scored their first touchdown. When we got back on offense, I got the ball. I felt the wind smacking against my face as I broke through three attempted tackles and got to the outside to score.

We threw a Hail Mary, and with 12 seconds remaining, it hit the defender’s helmet, dropping into Destin’s hands for a touchdown. 

The red shirts won and everyone was going wild–the crowd, the cheerleaders, and the announcers. The final score was 32-16.