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The Skin I’m in

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The Skin I’m in

People see me as they want

And that’s ok

As long as I know who I really am

From my head to my toes

The hair on my head isn’t all mines but it makes me who I am today

And makes me something I am not

The pimples on my face

Tells me I’m growing up

Which a lot of people need to do

The embarrassing laugh shows

I love having a good time and I don’t care for people who don’t

The scars on my body tell me I’m growing up but I get knocked down by people who are insecure

And to scared to live life on edge

People always try to bring me down

But still I rise

And go through life with pride in my self

Yes my skin is a darker tone but it shows me no two people are the same

And yes I am a little chubby

But I have a big heart inside just trying to give all the love and joy I have in me and get a lot of people mad because I still work with what I got

So I’m comfortable in the skin I’m in

So to everyone that just trying to knock me down

Or just like to run their mouth

I’m comfortable in the body and skin I am

But how comfortable are you

Since you still trying to ruin me

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The Skin I’m in