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I talk in silence because I know the real people will hear me
and ask me what’s wrong
they will see through a fake smile
and hear me through a fake laugh
and tell me to look forward to the future and not worry about my past
they will tell me one day you will have what you always wanted
and I should only dream what I can make come to reality
and leave the make believe in a fantasy
I talk,see,and dream in silence
so I dare you to enter my world
and find out that I am a determined focused girl
but I only talk in silence and if you are true
then you will understand why I do
and that’s when I promise I will speak out loud for you
so right now I only speak to you in silence
see if u can pass the test
because if you cant treat me right when I’m at my worst
you don’t deserve me at my best
so I speak in silence now and hope you understand
I can only stay true
but if u can’t then I will speak in silence when I’m with you
but if things get worst
I wont say nothing to you

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