Black & White

Black and white
I always wonder what the world would be like if there was no such thing as color
Would segretation matter or made sense
I wonder if rosa park still would of had to give up her seat
Or Would M.L.K still had to tell the world his dreams in 1963
My worlds in color
But i make my pics black and white
To show those 2 colors can blend
And if you still hatin on somebody because of the color of their skin
YoU better grow up because that ended when obama took a stand for our nation in 2010
I mean i love all colors but people still dont know how to look past them
Never realize
We are all still humans
In all honestly im not better anybody
Because like everyone else
I need that o2 floating around in the air
And i still need that water from the river over there
I still need the clothing made from those animals and plants
Because even though we all got a different song in our head we doing the same dance
We all want the fame,money, power and respect
But some people have a better chance than others because people still refuse to forgive and forget
To somethig they werent even alive for
Life right now should mean so much more
Ive been told lifes coming to a end soon
But i dont believe it
But if we keep killing one another cuz of our skin color
Then i defiantly see it
But since people still hate me because of my color of my skin
Ill continue to edit my pics in black and white
To still show my curosity of what the world would of been like