Welcome to Section 1!


By Na’sier Bush

Last year, our PHS Varsity Football team had a great season. At that time, nobody knew who was who or what our team was going to develop into. Most  of  us  were meeting  our  wonderful  coaches for the first time: Mr. Howard,  Mr. Garner,  Mr. Murray,  Mr. Callahan,  and  Mr. Tuner.  Since last year, our team has been through a lot and developed into a family. We have spent many hours and special moments with each other and have been there for one another when our teammates needed us.  This January weight training began again and this year it is off to a great start for the Varsity Football team. Hopefully, next season will be a successful one for our players. We hope you’ll come out and support our achievement of making it back into Section 1! Check us out soon.