Softball Season 2019


Softball, huh? Well, softball is a very interesting sport to play.  What can I say? It’s fun. I started playing in seventh grade on the Modified team, and now, as a freshman, I am playing on the Junior Varsity team.  I love this sport because each year you get to learn different things, different positions. You even get to socialize with people who make it fun.

Still, there can be some harmful things about this sport.  Specifically, you can be harmed by the speed and impact of the softball. For instance, when I was in eighth grade, my team played an away team that was very challenging. When it was my turn to hit the ball, the pitcher threw the ball with such force, and it landed right near my thigh. It was the worst pain imaginable, but I still made it to home base.  Later, I saw that the place where it hit me had a big colorful bruise–the size of a softball–on my thigh. That was very painful, but when you play this sport you have to think and watch the ball at all times.

It’s important to watch the ball because you don’t want to get hurt and you don’t want to get hit with it.  As a result, you need to watch it, especially when the pitcher throws the ball.

Softball is a very fun sport.  Don’t be afraid to try new things. I think everyone should try this sport to see if it works for them.  Those who give softball a chance will have a fun time and they will learn new things. I love this sport, and I hope I can play it throughout high school and even into college.