New Job, New Beginnings

We know that everything starts in the home, but getting a job is your first step in preparing for the real world–the world outside of your home.  Getting a job could be an extra helping hand with financial and personal needs.  It helps you become more responsible by training you to work with and get along with people. It also teaches you that growing up is not that easy.  You have to work hard for good pay and the older you get, the more the responsibility.
My first job was my favorite. That’s where I felt most comfortable, and I have that same job to this day. At the start, my job was in a little home studio that my cousin and I built up. We started recording ourselves; then it led to recording any local artist who wanted to record a song or even an instrumental.
On my first day, I knew this was something I would love to do for the rest of my life.  And this isn’t to say everything’s been good.  I’ve had different experiences–some good, some bad. The good comes when I finish recording and I get the feeling that I made a hit single, when my work gets attention and I get paid.  My job comes naturally, so it’s fairly easy, but it can also be tiring if the work’s a monstrosity. One thing I learned about myself, though, is that I can rap, and I have talent with music. I’ve never before thought I could be a rapper, yet here I am, performing on stages and dropping official videos.
Getting a job is like an opening to adulthood. It comes with many challenges and responsibilities and the steep process of maturity. All lessons taught on your first job will never be forgotten.  You’ll be able to draw on these experiences for future jobs and even everyday life. Jobs are not to be taken lightly.
If you’re looking to find out more about working, your first step could be a visit to the Guidance office to pick up an application for working papers.  That’s all you need.  Once you complete everything that’s on the sheet, come back during lunch or after school and drop off the papers.  After that, you would be all set and ready to go.