What Makes a GOOD Student?


What really makes a good student a good student? Is it being a teacher’s pet? Getting 100’s on every test, quiz, classwork and homework assignment? Is it having the confidence to attend a college like Harvard or UCLA because those are the schools that many high-schoolers dream about about?

No, at  Peekskill High School it’s about more than that. 

At Peekskill High School, a good student is one who is willing to put forth the effort and work hard to achieve goals, no matter what obstacles may be presented. To do this, a student must have a genuine interest to learn. 

To achieve this, a good student will find what they are passionate about and learn more on these subjects. The first factor in becoming a good student is  the desire to learn about the things that interest you.

Once a student finds their passion, this can help them decide their future education or career goals.  It shouldn’t come as a shock that if a subject cannot hold your attention, it will be more difficult to learn that subject. You might find yourself daydreaming during class, or dreading homework, but as a good student, you must work through those barriers and find your love for learning. That will help you be a good student. 

According to this article from the University of Washington, “research has demonstrated that engaging students in the learning process increases their attention and focus, motivates them to practice higher-level critical thinking skills, and promotes meaningful learning experiences.”

How can students and teachers at PHS make learning experiences engaging so that students discover their true passions? Leave your ideas in the comments below.