Boys & Girls Soccer Teams Give Their All; End Season Strong


Peekskill boys and girls varsity soccer teams have been determined on the field this year. Mostly the boys’ soccer team. They have been giving in their all to win most of their games. They have had their struggles, but they never backed down. They kept their heads up, and kept pushing themselves to end the season with eight wins seven losses and two ties and worked as a team.

The boys and girls are giving their best for their last season. On Wednesday, October 23, the boys went against Yonkers and won 6-0. In the first half, Alex Sapatenga assisted Johnny Villa with the first goal. Joaquin Salazar scored in the second half and, at the end, Diego villa scored, making Peekskill’s win and going onto the second round, playing against Pearl River.
The girls varsity team have kept pushing themselves even though they have had their rough times they kept being positive as a team and work together to end the season strong,they have won 5 games and lost 12 games.

Our Red Devils have given their all and have been passionate in the field. In fact, the soccer teams, in particular, have become a big family. Their bond is strong, and our seniors from both teams have giving their all in the field, ending the season with strength.