Spirit Week Re-Cap


During spirit week a lot of things happened. On Monday (Pajama Day), everyone came in their best jammies; for mine was a pair of hippo PJ’s.  On this day, groups of students stayed with their advisors (some close to 10 p.m.) to help decorate the hallways for Spirit Week.

The spirit continued on Tuesday with Decades Day, which was my personal favorite.  The freshmen represented the 90’s the Sophomores represented the 60’s, the Junior’s represented the 70’s, and, finally, the Seniors represented the 80’s. All classes did a great job coordinating outfits, photos, hallways and showcase performances for their assigned era.

Wednesday was Mismatch Day.  Many students wore a different shoe and non-matching clothes.  Some people even had the details down to little things such as un-matching earrings.

Thursday was Denim Day, and I saw many people wearing denim jackets and even hats.  It seemed that everyone enjoyed that day a lot.

This brought us to Friday, the final day of Spirit Week, and the day to show our final surge of Peekskill Pride.  During the last two periods of the day, students proceeded to the gym for the first pep rally of the year. We started the event with an inspiring performance by the City Singers sharing the national anthem.  After that, an advisor from each grade level had a competition to see who could bounce a birdie with a racquet for the longest. The winner was definitely Ms.Schuck (who may still be bouncing that birdie if we hadn’t stopped her).

We had many representatives from each grade level step out to show their Peekskill pride in flying colors.  The Monday after Homecoming weekend, the results were announced, and the Junior Class of 2020 won.