Spirit Week 2017 Recap


Olivia Paul

The highly anticipated event, Spirit Week, began on Monday, September 16, 2017. For the last 3 years, the class of 2018 has won every Spirit Week, and no one believed it would change this year.

It was a total plot twist to everyone in the school when the freshmen came out with a bang, winning pajama day by 5 points. To follow up, we had class color wars, where the seniors were back on top with 20 points.  The freshmen were five points behind, the juniors, ten points behind, and the sophomores were fifteen points behind.

By Tuesday, the competition was already getting stiff.  Each grade designed hallways, which were inspired by an animated movie. To no surprise, the seniors were back in first place and sophomores remained in fourth place.  

Luckily, by the time Wednesday rolled around, the juniors were not accepting defeat. Everyone pulled out their wackiest outfits for mis-match day, and the juniors climbed from third to second place.  

It was now uncertain if the seniors would win this year’s Spirit Week. The freshmen began “smack talking,” and the seniors did not like it.  All seniors were advised to bring it out for “I Love the 90s” day to ensure a win. Sadly, this didn’t help, and to the seniors’ surprise, the sophomores were now ahead by five points.

In the end, after Friday’s activities, the seniors surprisingly pulled out a win. The freshman’s old-school dance put them in second place while the juniors’ “Hail to Our Colors” song put them above the sophomores in third. Sadly, after the sophomores had a beat mix up, and lack of participation, they came in fourth place.  

Spirit week had always been used to bring the classes together, and that is definitely what our first Spirit Week of the school year did!  Fortunately, this spirit lives on.  This year, we will have the chance for an encore performance of the week.  We look forward to continuing the good energy with our Holiday Spirit week, which starts on December 18th!

Photos and captions by: Olivia Paul