End of the Year


As we all know the school year is ending soon, but what does this mean for students? It means all the work we had to do will finally be lifted off our backs so we can have a relaxing summer. But there are some kids who have decided to start their vacation earlier than others. Whether this is right or wrong  is another story, but in this article I will share some good motivational tips to help students end their year well.

  1. Never dump that energy: Students come into the school year with a plan on what they are gonna do and what they can achieve, so why should it end because you can’t be present in school? We have to keep that energy all the way ‘till the end; otherwise, there is no reason to make the plan. 
  2. Look at the consequences: You know there is a place called summer school where students attend when they fail. Well, you probably didn’t know they are in the works of making summer school for those that fail but just in a different way. Let this be a reminder to students that they must complete their work; otherwise they may fail and have to face the summer school program. 
  3. Don’t over-stress: Students who over-stress are most likely to quit what they are doing because of how stressful it is. What can help you on this is good time management and to balance the amount of time you need to put into school. Teachers post assignments on separate days, and they are typically due 2-4+ days from posting, so a strategy I used to do was do the work that is one day ahead. For example, if you have homework due on Wednesday then do it all on Tuesday.

    I hope that these 3 tips will assist you, my fellow classmates. Just always remember that our education is important, and we must never give up.