Poetry Corner: Love is a Poison

Poetry Corner: Love is a Poison

A four letter word
So much mystery behind it
Around for so many years
You’d think there’s an answer to the question:
“What is love?”
No one yet has cracked the code,
Uncovered the code
Found the hidden message
Of what lies in the word…

So many guesses and conspiracies
It all depends on who exactly you ask
Some may say love is beautiful
And brings nothing but warmth and happiness
Others say love is dangerous
Leaves nothing but pain and destruction

I say
Love is a poison
A poison in which the side effects may vary.
The side effects may include
A blindness to a certain extent–
Images of what you hope someone will be like.
Really, they’re the opposite.

False senses of hope.
Once injected with this poison,
Side effects may never go away.
Maybe they will subside, but the effects,
Will never go away.
You can try to find the antidote,
If there even is one.

Take the poison,
At your own risk
While the question
“What is love” is still undiscovered,
And possibly never will be.