Signing Ceremony in Honor of Julia Roach


In November, 2018, Julia Roach, a senior at Peekskill High School, was recruited to play Division I sports at Syracuse University.  To recognize this great accomplishment, a signing ceremony was conducted in our newly-designed auditorium at Peekskill High School.

A few of Julia’s friends from school shared kind words, introducing her as a hard-working student.  One friend, Jackie added that she was happy to see how Julia’s “hard work finally paid off.” She also commented that “Julia has wanted this for a long time.”

Another friend, Ilsa said, “I can tell that Julia is very committed with everything she does, especially with rowing.”  She commented on Julia’s “brilliant” and “inspiring” passion, which motivates all of her friends.

During the ceremony, Julia signed her letter of intent in order to show her commitment to the sport of rowing at Syracuse University.  Julia also thanked everyone who attended to support her, including Dr. Mauricio, Mr. Arthur, coaches, faculty, friends, and her Mom. Significantly, she said her Mom has been her greatest inspiration.  Julia said, “If I didn’t have [my mom], I wouldn’t have had the joy for this sport and wouldn’t have gone to this deeper level.”

Her mom spoke of how important “faith” has been to her, and she hopes she has passed that same faith onto Julia.  In addition, she spoke of the importance of the grit she learned from her father, who showed how you need to be “so stubborn and passionate for what you love so that you cannot live without it.”  She hopes that this, too, has been passed onto her daughter, Julia.