Introducing “Reality Check” – Your Go To PHS Advice Column


Alright, listen up…

 If you think that you’re getting anything sugar-coated while talking to me, then you can skip this section of the newspaper, and have your friend or whomever you please, tell you something that will allow you to sleep at night, because this is high school, and you are not a little kid anymore.

I am someone you will never meet personally, but I am someone you’ll be able to talk to and get a real, honest answer from. To make things even easier for all of us… just as I am being anonymous to you, you will become anonymous to me. When submitting your questions, state a fake name so you won’t be embarrassed by your own question, nor the answer I give to your question. I will check the box of questions weekly and answer some regularly, so be sure to check back here on Mercury to hear my advice. You may turn in any questions to Room 212, and don’t worry about people seeing you put a question in the box. Your name isn’t in the note, and there is going to be a teacher supervising the box. Remember I’ll answer questions each week at random. I am here to tell you, the students of Peekskill High school, something that most people fear to come to terms with, no matter the situation, or circumstance. It’s Reality.

The contrast (opposite) with what is imaginary, delusional,  (only) in the mind, dreams, what is false, what is fictional, or what is abstract.


The thing that hits teens like a bad storm, refusing to stop as the harsh wind continuously knocks you down.


The truth no one wants to face. Hear. Or even think about.

Well guess what, kids?!! You are growing up, and it’s better to face it head on than to live in a delusion. It’ll hit you sooner or later.

That’s what I’m here for. Ask. I answer with what I feel is an appropriate, legitimate answer. Just do not blame me for the answer I give you, because as I told you, I’m not going to sugar coat anything for anyone. 

The only question I will never answer, in case you get curious, is who I am. All you need to know is that  I am a PHS student, just like you. I am a person you’ve all heard of; or at least I think you all have heard of me.  I live a normal, teenage life. I am nothing special. All you need to know is that in the newspaper…I am the truth.   

I am…Reality.