Elton Brand Academy

Elton Brand Academy

Photos by Dottie Bradshaw

How would you like a place where you get tutoring for an hour then go play with your friends for another hour and a half? Well here in our own school there is a place and it’s called the Elton Brand Academy. The best part about this place is that it’s free. It is sponsored by a grant from New York State office of children and family and a generous donation from Elton Brand. You also get a snack while you work on your homework. It’s in the cafeteria everyday from 3 to 4, then you go to your activities.

Interview with Ms. Panzanaro who runs the Elton Brand Academy.

What are some of the activities that are

here at Elton Brand?

Music program

Recording studio (near the health center)

Weight room

Japanese language and art


SAT courses (open to everyone)


Do you have to stay for the tutoring in order to play in the activities?

Yes, you do, you have to stay for both.

How do you sign up?

You can see me, Mr. Panzanaro or Mr. Bennett (guidance counselor).