Ranking Colleges

March 13, 2011

Mercury is happy to inform our readers that we have teamed up with the Unigo Expert Network to provide  information and articles for our "College Corner" column. Come back weekly to learn more about how to get into the college...

Assignments Are Due !

Jim Tosto

March 10, 2011

When I look around our school at this time of year, I see many students handing things in late in an attempt to save their grades. Usually in our school, the saying " Better late than never," holds up. But, I recently heard two...

Finding a College that “Fits”

February 25, 2011

It will start soon, if it has not happened already. Seniors will be getting acceptance letters from the schools they applied to, and they will have to decide where they will go in September. For all students, this is a big decision,...

Rejected !

February 13, 2011

Facing rejection is tough. Nobody likes to hear the word " No", but when you have your heart set on something, it makes it even worse. Waiting to hear back from the colleges you applied to is nerve racking. So try to prepare yourself,...

College Applications

Derek Johnson (Class of 2011)

December 8, 2010

  All Seniors know the process all too well by now but there is always something you don't know. As the due dates for most college applications draws ever closer there are a few things you should go over, if you have not done...

College Visits

Paige Hill and Sade Salley

November 22, 2010

Freshmen don't usually start thinking  about college, but what we dont realize is that it is going to come sooner than we  think. On Wednesday November 10th, teams A, C, and E went on college trips to Concordia, Purchase, Lehman,...

College Fair – Wednesday

Sade Salley and Aaron Cataquet

October 25, 2010

On Wednesday there will be a college fair held in the cafeteria from 8:30-10:30. All Juniors and Seniors are invited to attend this special event. Representatives from the following colleges are expected to attend the fair: Art...

Peekskill High School Students Jumpstart College

October 24, 2010

PEEKSKILL…. This fall, 24 Peekskill High School seniors have headed off early every Saturday morning to Monroe College in New Rochelle to attend Monroe’s innovative Jumpstart Program.  This 15-week program gives seniors the...

Colleges Come to PHS

October 2, 2010

Mrs. Gordineer has been busy in the College Resource Center (CRC) entertaining representatives from various local colleges. During September PHS students had the opportunity to learn about colleges such as Pace, New Paltz and...

Making the Grade

September 11, 2010

    College Visit Schedule:  Wednesday September 29   9:00 a.m.   New Paltz Thursday    September 30    1:00 p.m.   PACE Get a pass from your teacher. All meetings are in the CRC Roo...

Major of the Week: Graphic Design

Sarinis Chu, College Reporter

April 25, 2010

Major of the Week: Graphic Design You will learn how to use artistic techniques to communicate ideas and information to business and consumers by designing forms, shapes, and packaging for manufactured products. You will study...

Major of the Week: Dental Hygiene

Sarinis Chu, College Reporter

April 19, 2010

Major of the Week: Dental Hygiene In this program, you will learn how to clean teeth and apply preventive materials, provide oral health education and treatment counseling to patients, identify oral pathologies and injuries,...

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