Join Drama Club!


Want to get involved, but don’t know what to do. Do you like to act? Have you ever been told you are good at acting? Well, here’s a suggestion- join the drama club! There are so many fun things to do.  Speaking about things to do, here’s the run-through on an audition for the club’s fall play called, “Almost Maine” that went down on the first of October in the auditorium.

The Audition

First, Mr. Sandler, the theater teacher and the director of the play started out with a pep talk to break the ice. Then, one by one each person  would audition alone or with a friend for the part s/he wanted, while the rest waited out in the hallway. In the hallway, we decided to interview some of the people auditioning.

The first person we interviewed was Kathryn Czerwinski, the co-president of the Drama Club who shared some of her thoughts about “Almost Maine.”

“The play is about a town called Almost Maine,” Kathryn said.  She continued by describing that the play is about “love, loss and finding love, exploring different relationships. The realization of love and the notion that love can fade. It also involves what happens when you think you love someone, while you truly love someone else.”                     

Students auditioned for different scenes, each holding its own story. All the stories add up to the plot of “Almost Maine.”

We also interviewed Hannah Czerwinski and Jayla Council. Hannah is auditioning for the part of someone she calls, “the one girl with a name.” This is her tenth show, and she says she is excited about the audition. She also told us she wishes to become an actress when she gets older.

Jayla Council was auditioning for the part of the salty waitress and was nervous about the audition. Even though she has been an actress and a model since she was young, she still feels that knot in her stomach before getting on stage.  When asked about a future in acting, Jayla responded that she actually wants to be a surgeon one day.

“Almost, Maine” will open on November 15, 2018 at 7 p.m. in our brand new theater!