Julius Caesar Play Review


The “Ides of March,” which refers to March 15,  was a big part of the Julius Caesar play.  Julius Caesar was performed by The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival Company for the Freshman English classes.

In my opinion, the play was very entertaining. The setting felt like it was in a post-apocalyptic era. This refers to a time when the Earth’s technological civilization is collapsing or has collapsed.  Instead of traditional Roman buildings, they had tarps with graffiti-like symbols and images.  This made the play seem more natural with all the action. With all that happened, there would be more chaos, but this setting worked.

The costumes were different in a good way.  They didn’t look like what people on the streets would wear, but they were still more modern than what people in Shakespeare’s time would wear.

I had a nice time, and throughout the play I kept on hearing lines that we had read and listened to during our Shakespeare workshop in English class. The difference was that the play had more scenes and lines than the scenes we did in class. I’m glad that I missed Science for it. The play took 2 hours, which is a little more than  2 periods.