Chelsea Ogindo Receives Athletic Scholarship to Binghamton University


Chelsea Ogindo, a Peekskill High School senior, signed a letter of intent on Tuesday, November 17 stating that she would attend Binghamton University next fall. She received an athletic scholarship for her impressive track and cross country records.

“I chose Binghamton because, out of all the schools that we were looking at, it had the highest credentials academically and I’m very strong in academics,” said the senior. “Also, I love the coach and I love the team.”

Chelsea has been a runner since she was very young. Many of the coaches that helped train her throughout her running career came to her signing to show their support and say some kind words about the runner.

“It’s easy to say she works hard, any coach can stand up here and say that,” said Paul Piliero, Chelsea’s coach at PHS. “You know what it is? It’s what she has in here. Chelsea has the heart of a lion. If Chelsea wants something, she doesn’t wait for it to come to her. She goes out and gets it.”

Chelsea was also recently honored at the Fall Sports Awards.

Congratulations, Chelsea!