Environmental Club Saves the Planet


The goal of the Environmental Club is to experience and expand knowledge of today’s environmental issues.  Our activities are geared to both local and world issues as we are trying to keep our planet healthy. The club will be continuing its work with the Animal Rescue Foundation in Beacon as it has in years past.  It will also be expanding its work at the Beacon Animal Aid Shelter which is at the same location and which experienced a tragic fire last month.  They will be collecting water bottles and recycling them to donate money to the cause and help with the recovery costs of the animal shelter.  They will also spend a day at the shelter to meet all of the animals and volunteer for a day’s work.


Another project that the Environmental Club will be working towards is the Clearwater Summer Scholarship program.  In the years past, Thomas Samuels and Barbara Cseh have received scholarships and participated in men/women at the helm of the boat.  They hope to get a big group together this year so they can have the same experience   this year.

The Environmental Club is in the process of working on permission to experience a trip to the environmental field at Camp Smith.  Members are also attending the City of Peekskill Council meetings to find out what they can do in Peekskill to make it a cleaner, safer and more environmentally friendly City to live in.  The Environmental Club will participate in the Earth Day clean up as they have always done every year and asks that everyone in PHS & the Community to come join them in this activity.

If you are interested in being a member of the Environmental Club, feel free to stop by one of the meetings which are every other Wednesday or see Mrs. Day!

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